Shampoo with a Purpose – Volume Shampoo/Conditioner Bar

$14.95 inc GST

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Is your hair feeling a little down in the dumps? Are your tresses not getting the height and attention that they truly deserve? Are you just in need of a well-deserved boost? Then boy oh boy, is this your THING!

Save 6 shampoo and conditioner bottles from polluting the environment by switching to this beautiful solid shampoo bar. Not only are you going to be an eco-friendly warrior, but your hair will also be at its absolute best.

We’ve added only fully eco-sustainable ingredients and additives, Seaweed Extract, Rosemary, Sage, Ginseng, Juniper Berry and Shea Butter to give your hair the VA-VA-VOOM it’s been waiting for. This bar is best suited to someone who has limp hair, brittle or colour-damaged hair, and is looking for some more HELL YES in the haircare.

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