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Bulk Wholefoods is an Australian owned local bulk food store in South Australia.

We’re all about low food miles and helping you achieve your zero waste and no plastic shopping goals. We wanted to bring bulk buying to the west in Port Adelaide, so you don’t have to travel far to get what you need.

Bulk shopping is perfect for buying big quantities of the things you know and love, while having the opportunity to buy small portions of new foods and products to try out, without the waste and guilt!

At Bulk Wholefoods you’ll find a range of grains, cereals, flours, nuts & seeds, healthy snacks, vegan treats, personal care, Earth friendly cleaning products and more!

Nuts and seeds laid out in a pattern.

We are part of the Semaphore Compost Network and also run Drummer Boy Cafe next door – so why not pair your next coffee catch up with your bulk shop!

Love Bulk Wholefoods! It's so great being able to get all my pantry staples in bulk and minimise plastic packaging. It's also super convenient being able to pick them up after coffee and brunch at Drummer Boy next door.
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